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What is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)?
Low Speed Vehicles are basically road legal golf carts. They meet all of the requirements of a regular car from safety restraints to lights and mirrors, however they are only required to travel at 35 MPH. Since LSV's only travel at 35 MPH they are restricted to roads not exceeding 35, but we will be sure to point these out to you.  

What is the minimum age to rent an LSV?
In order to rent an LSV you must be at least 18 years old, with a valid US Drivers License.

How long will the charge last?
All of our LSV’s will travel about 30 miles before they need to be plugged in, which is perfect for a days worth of running around town.

How fast do Low Speed Vehicles go?
All of our LSV’s are able to travel at maximum speed of 35 MPH, and they are legal on just about every road on the island of Cape May.

Do I need a special license or endorsement?
No, a regular drivers license is all that is needed.

How long can we rent an LSV?
Cape May LSV offers half day, full day and weekly rentals, prepped and ready for the road.

How safe are Low Speed Vehicles?
All of our vehicles are the newest and safest carts available on the market today. All are equipped with seatbelts in every seat, 4 wheel brakes, full headlights, tail lights, turning signals and mirrors. Enjoy town in a fun, open and safe vehicle, all while traveling in a 100% green, zero emission vehicle.

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