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Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC
BINDING RENTAL AGREEMENTfor LOW SPEED VEHICLES(Please read carefully before signing and returning.)

In consideration for the rental of the LSV provided by Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC.

I,_____________________________, agree to the following conditions. In the event that I violate any of the following conditions, I agree and understand that further use of the LSV may be revoked immediately and without notice:

1. I promise to return the LSV to the location provided immediately upon completion of the rental period in as good condition as I received the same, normal wear and tear accepted. I will operate the LSV safely and responsibly, and I will preserve and protect the LSV from loss or damage to the cart itself, my person or property, and the persons or property of others. I agree and understand failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will result in a forfeiture of my rental fees and deposit. I agree to be legally and financially liable for all costs of repairs to the LSV and for the loss, damage and/or injuries to my person or property and the persons or property of others regardless of fault. I agree to reimburse the LSV owner for such unrecovered costs, including but not limited to deductibles and any uninsured losses.

2. I agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC, for any and all damages and claims of any nature whatsoever that may arise from the use of said LSV during the time of the rental period, including but not limited to claims for damages to the LSV itself, my person and property and the persons and property of others.

3. I agree to become familiar with the operation and use of said LSV, to read the “LOW SPEED VEHICLE INFORMATION SHEET” and any other instructions provided to me regarding the cart, and to operate the LSV in accordance with said instructions. I Agree to contact Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC, If I have any questions or concerns about operating the LSV or if my guests or I have caused any damage to the LSV or others through the use of the LSV. I agree to be held responsible for charging the vehicle during the rental period and understand there will be no refund for driving the unit until the battery is dead. I understand that if the vehicle is driven until the battery has no life and the unit has to be trailered back to our location, I am held responsible for trailering fees. I agree to examine and inspect the safety and mechanical condition of the LSV, reporting any concerns or problems before driving the vehicle.

4.I agree to pay replacement and/or repair cost at retail value in the event that the Cart (Low Speed Vehicle) or equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen during the terms of this Binding Rental Agreement. I agree to reimburse Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC for any lost rent or rentals during the repair of such damage that occurred as a result of negligence during the terms of my contract. I further agree to notify Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC by telephone (609.600.3865) one hour prior to departing the LSV Rental so that an Inspection may be conducted by Cape May Carts, LLC on the LSV to determine any damages that may have occurred during the rental period.

5.I  agreethat only persons who are 18 years or olderpossess a valid driver’s license  and insurance as required by law shall be permitted to drive the LSV. I further agree that the maximum occupancy of the golf cart is four persons, including children or 6 persons for the larger LSV. I agree to keep rented vehicle on roadways or 35 mph and below and not cross either bridge leading out of Cape May.


6. I agree the privilege of using the LSV can be revoked without notice by Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC, in their sole discretion, for any violation of this agreement. I further agree I shall not be entitled any rental refund or deposit for such revocation.

7. I understand that if the LSV should become inoperable through no fault of mine, Cape May Low Speed Vehicles, LLC will take reasonable steps to have the vehicle repaired. In the event the LSV can not be repaired or replaced, a refund will be issued towards the unused rental agreement period.

8.I understand that a LSV is subject to the same laws and regulations pertaining to motor vehicles and therefore agree that the LSV will be operated in accordance with the laws of the State of NEW JERSEY and the local laws of CAPE MAY AND WEST CAPE MAY, including but not limited to the requirement that persons driving the LSV must not be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. I further agree that I personally will be responsible for all moving and/or parking violations issued to said cart while it is in my possession, under my control, or at any time during the condominium/house rental period. I agree that I will not operate the LSV in the surf or sand or allow salt water to come in contact of mechanical or electrical components. I further agree that I have reviewed and made myself familiar with the Low Speed Vehicles Laws of NJ that are published at

By my signature below, I certify that I understand and agree to the conditions set forth in the CAPE MAY CARTS, LLC, Binding Rental Agreement for Low Speed Vehicles and LSV Information Sheet. I acknowledge that I have signed these documents voluntarily and freely and that my signature creates a contractual obligation that binds me, my guests and all passengers.

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